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The Honest Life | by Jessica Alba

The Honest Life

The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You by Jessica Alba
(Rodale Books, 2013, 272 pages)

One of my friends referenced this book a while ago so with the start of the new year I decided to look into some healthy lifestyle changes and requested The Honest Life from the library. Normally when it comes to celebrity lifestyle books I approach them with a grain of salt. Alba’s focus is on living “naturally,” so living in a way that’s eco-friendly and getting rid of as many of the toxic chemicals in our daily lives as possible. This means thinking hard about the food, clothing, furniture, cleaning supplies, etc. that you buy.

Alba’s motivation for taking this approach to life came when she got pregnant with her first daughter and started freaking out about wanting to keep her safe and in as “pure” an environment as possible. This eventually led her to start up The Honest Company with a focus on creating eco-friendly products that are high quality and visually appealing. While she definitely references her company a lot in these pages, she also recommends other products and companies so it’s not just one big advertisement for her business (though it does make you curious to check things out).

The book was accessible and there were a lot of really helpful tips I was able to take away. I liked that in addition to food and cleaning products she talked about beauty, parenting tips, fashion, and design. If you want to focus on living an eco-friendly life there are ways to do this in every aspect in your world. I’d recommend this book if you’re interested in this lifestyle choice. Like I mentioned, the book is very readable, helpful recommendations are made, and Alba includes a complete list of references at the end including contact information for all the companies/resources she talked about in the book.

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Grace: A Memoir | by Grace Coddington

GraceGrace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington
(Random House, 2012, 416 pages)

I was intrigued by Grace Coddington after watching the documentary “The September Issue,” which looked at what goes into creating the September issue for Vogue magazine. Grace was the standout star of the film because of her dedication, focus, and sass in the face of Anna Wintour. This memoir looks back at Grace’s life and recounts her journey from a small island life in England to the Creative Director of American Vogue. Photos of her life and sketches done by Grace are sprinkled throughout the text. It’s written in a very engaging way and despite being lengthy the type was on the larger side and it was easy to read. There’s no question she led (and continues to lead) an interesting life.

While reading this book I found myself Googling the models and photographers Grace mentions. I was definitely exposed to new people and gained a better appreciation for the work that goes into creating a fashion photograph. It even inspired my to resubscribe to the magazine! If you’re into fashion, or happened to see “The September Issue,” have an appreciation for the magazine industry, or simply love a good memoir, you’ll enjoy this book. There were little bits of celebrity gossip interspersed and it was interesting to see the role of fashion change through Grace’s life. Plus she loves cats so… I like her that much more now 🙂