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Bossypants | by Tina Fey

bossypants1Bossypants by Tina Fey
(Reagan Arthur Books, 2011, 288 pages)

I know this isn’t a romance book but the books for my Romance class this week were very fast reads so I had time to squeeze in a non-romance book. I wanted something fun and light and something I knew I could read through fast and Tina Fey’s book is exactly that. It’s fun and light and so hilarious that it makes you want to keep reading. She lets you know when she’s covering more serious topics while still adding a touch of humor to them. Her early chapters let you know where she comes from and then her later chapters cover SNL, 30 Rock, and her weeks impersonating Sarah Palin. During these later chapters, she’s obviously in the spotlight with famous friends but I never got the feeling she was name-dropping. She was just talking about her friends.

My favorite part of this book came right at the beginning when she was discussing (but at the same time not discussing) the scar on her face. I loved that she didn’t give readers the details and was upfront that you weren’t going to hear the story. Instead she discussed how everyone made her feel special when she was younger because of her scar. And because of that she grew up believing she was special and could achieve anything.

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Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse: My Life in Comedy | by Phyllis Diller; with Richard Buskin

Like a Lampshade in a WhorehouseLike a Lampshade in a Whorehouse: My Life in Comedy by Phyllis Diller; with Richard Buskin
(J.P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2005, 266 pages)

I loved this book! It was fun to get a glimpse into the life of this famous comedian and actor. Phyllis Diller was born poor to elderly parents and lived most of her childhood in poverty in Ohio. After high school, she studied piano at the Sherwood Music Conservatory in Chicago for three years. She married at age 20 and had six children. Diller writes of her two failed marriages, struggles to put food on the table, and painstaking effort on starting her comedy career at the age of 40. She was a hardworking, brave, talented and funny woman.

The book is also filled with interesting stories of her writing TV and radio ads, appearing as a piano soloist with some 100 symphony orchestras, posing nude for Playboy magazine, getting old, and having plastic surgeries later in life. Also, I just have to mention that the Diller family lived in Webster Groves in St. Louis during the 1960’s. Diller performed at the St. Louis Muny and the Fox Theatre, too. A quick and witty read.

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I Hate Everyone. . . Starting with Me | by Joan Rivers

I Hate Everyone. . . Starting with Me by Joan Rivers
(Berkley, 2012, 256 pages)

After the popularity of comedian Tina Fey’s audiobook version of Bossypants, I thought this book would also best be heard in the author’s voice. After listening to the first chapter, or track, or whatever the first segment was, I didn’t think I could get through the rest. Joan’s voice sounded as if she had just smoked a pack of Camels, and it was irritating to me. I kept listening though, and either I got used to her voice, or Joan stopped smoking.

If you’re a fan of Fashion Police on TV, or if you’ve always been a fan of Joan, you will like this book. If you’ve always hated Joan, don’t bother with this one. I happen to like her, but even I was offended by some parts of this book. I particularly remember the part where she makes fun of old people, which made me think, “Old people can’t help that!” Since Joan herself is no spring chicken, she could also make fun of herself in this part—which WAS funny. The best parts of this book occurred when, in addition to making fun of herself, she made fun of celebrities. I know, I know…celebrities are people too, but come on, they’re also billionaires who put themselves in the limelight, so in a way—THEY DESERVE IT.

In summary, if you like Joan, get this audiobook. If not, I hear there’s an audio version of Fifty Shades of Grey read by Morgan Freeman.

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Bossypants | by Tina Fey

Bossypants by Tina Fey
(Reagan Arthur Books, 2011, 288 pages)

Tina Fey–star of 30 Rock and former Saturday Night Live actress and writer, and winner of the 2010 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor–hit a home run with her memoir, Bossypants. Her witty, sarcastic humor made me laugh aloud many times. Fey discusses her life growing up in a Greek neighborhood, working a summer job at a theatre for children, traveling with an improv group, and working on SNL and 30 Rock. Other chapters offer beauty and parenting tips. The text is supplemented with funny photographs of Fey, including her as an awkward child. Also included is a reprint of an SNL skit, featuring Fey as Sarah Palin (her most popular impersonation) and Hillary Clinton (played by Amy Poehler), showing the edits they made. If you like Tina Fey on TV, you will like this book.