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1776 | by David McCullough

1776 by David McCullough
(Simon & Schuster, 2005, 386 pages)

David McCullough’s 1776 provides readers with interesting facts about the year that our country declared its independence from Great Britain. The book revolves around our newly found country trying to establish its government and military, with the focus being on the battles that the Continental Army fought against the British. Interesting tidbits include that most of the Continental Army were not disciplined and were not aware of how to engage in battle, not to mention that they were not very hygienic.

Overall, the book is an interesting read for those who are fascinated by early United States history or, for that matter, history in general. It seemed the parts about specific persons (i.e., George Washington and Nathaniel Greene) moved more quickly than the areas about battle plans and strategy. If someone is looking for a quick read, this would not be the book. However, if someone is interested in learning facts about the year 1776 that they didn’t learn in school, this would be the one to get.