About Us

A number of the staff members here at the SCC Library began participating in the Missouri Book Challenge in January 2011. We are all very enthusiastic about the world of academia, promoting the great materials we have here at the library, and reading in general. Hopefully we can expose other members of the SCC community to books they might not otherwise have known about.

The team of “challengers” we have on hand are (in alphabetical order – we’re all about organization here at the library *smile*):

  • Andrew Stout
    – Andrew enjoys reading in the areas of theology, philosophy, classic English literature, fantasy, and children’s literature. He also enjoys biographies and memoirs of all kinds.
  • Gwen Bell
    Loves reading mysteries, romance novels, select comedies, and inspirational books.  She also enjoys books that deal with everyday life and counts Mary Higgins Clarke, Iris Johansen and James Patterson as some of her favorite authors.
  • Heather Dolson
    – Enjoys reading a wide variety of fictions including adventure, historical, humor, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult. Occasionally a celebrity biography will pique her interest.
  • Jean Rose
    In her down time Jean can typically be found reading mysteries, all things Disney-related, and biographies about celebrities, businessmen and politicians.
  • Julia Wilbers (Porter)
    Spends her time reading literary fiction, good romance novels, graphic novels, celebrity biographies, and books about religion, Latin American Studies, the Harlem Renaissance and all things dealing with cooking/food.
  • Kelly Mitchell
    Covers a broad range in what she likes to read.  She enjoys reading about mental illness, true crime, and artists/musicians.  She also likes books on photography, young adult fiction and graphic novels.
  • Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri
    – Enjoys reading mystery, suspense, historical fiction, magical realism, and books about religion and theology. Her favorite authors include L.M. Montgomery, Rosemary Radford Ruether, and Dorothy Sayers. Generally, though, she is game for anything well-written with an interesting story.
  • Stephanie Tolson
  • Theresa Flett
    While a self-proclaimed “fiction only” girl, she occasionally enjoys reading non-fiction that is more novel-like in nature.  She loves historical fiction, classics, Magical Realism and the occasional Sci-Fi title.  Theresa also finds horror books appealing every once in a while.  Some of her favorite authors include: John Irving, Margaret Atwood, and Stephen King.
  • Vicki Ferrari
    Vicki favors reading historical fiction, American history, inspirational books as well as true-life novels and an occasional memoir. She can also indulge in a mystery or war-time novel.
    Her favorite authors include John Irving, Jeanette Walls and Hillary Jordan.
  • Ying Li
    Likes to read popular science books, biographies of scientists, and historical fiction and non-fiction.  She also enjoys a good mystery or thriller when the mood strikes her.  Ying can’t wait to explore some new genres and other types of books while reading for the Missouri Book Challenge.

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