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Eight Hundred Grapes | by Laura Dave

Eight Hundred Grapes

Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave
(Simon & Schuster, 2015, 260 pages)

Georgia grew up on a vineyard in Sonoma but she reached a point as a teenager where that life was just too quiet for her. She pursued her law degree and moved to L.A. Now she’s engaged, preparing to move to London, and ready to start on a new adventure. Until she discovers that her fiancé has been keeping a pretty big secret from her. A big enough secret that she has to head home to try and regroup.

The home Georgia returns to, however, isn’t the one she remembers leaving. There’s something going on with her twin brothers, her parents are keeping secrets, nothing seems to be the way it should be… and in the midst of this Georgia still isn’t sure what she’s going to do about her wedding.

Eight Hundred Grapes is about remembering who you are and not losing sight of that. While I didn’t find myself as immersed in the book as I was with the first Laura Dave book I read (Hello, Sunshine) I can see why it got so many good reviews.

3/5 stars

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