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After You | by Jojo Moyes

After You by Jojo Moyes
(Pamela Dorman Books/Viking, 2015, 352 pages)

After You is the sequel to Me Before You. After having her life transformed from taking care of Will Traynor in Me Before You, Louisa Clark trying to move on with her life in After You. Following a terrible accident she is forced to move back in with her parents. As her body is healing she realizes that she is also in need of emotional healing. She starts attending a support group where she can share her struggles and also comes to understand that she is not alone in her suffering. It is through this support group that she meets Sam Fielding, a paramedic. Just as he is helping her gain her strength back, emotionally and physically, someone from Will’s past unexpectedly shows up on her door step and, once again, her life has a sudden change of plans. Jojo Moyes brings together two families who each have their own struggles and joys, yet they are able to come together to support one another.

I decided to listen to the audio recording of After You and I think I made a wise choice. Anna Acton’s clear British enunciation and charmingly self-deprecating asides will make you happy to be back in the world Jojo Moyes created. Her voice is so mesmerizing that she brought the book to life and it was easy to get lost in the story. After You made me laugh and cry and even sometimes both at the same time. I don’t think I would have taken so much away from this book if I had read it on my own. It is lovely, frustrating, heartbreaking, and emotionally charged. Overall, I enjoyed this story and I think it is worth the read, or maybe better yet, a listen.

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