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Untethered | by Julie Lawson Timmer

Untethered by Julie Lawson Timmer
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2016, 335 pages)

Char Hawthorn is a college professor who gave up teaching when she fell for Bradley, the man of her dreams. She became a devoted wife and loving step-mother to Allie. Since Allie primarily lives with Bradley and Char, she and Char have formed a strong relationship.

Char and Allie’s life was suddenly turned upside down when Bradley was killed in a car accident. Char does not have legal rights to Allie but she continues to love and care for her. She is struggling with trying to help Allie cope with her father’s death. Allie has given up soccer, her favorite sport. She has abandoned her closest friend to run around with the wrong crowd. The only thing that she continued to be committed to was tutoring a ten-year-old girl named Morgan whom she has a special bond with.

Lindy, Allie’s biological mother, is a self-absorbed woman living in California. The only time she saw Allie was when Allie would travel to see her on short visits. Lindy must now decide if she wants Allie to move back with her for good or allow her to live with Char until she graduates from high school. Char, trying to deal with the heartbreak of losing her husband, must now face the fact that she might lose Allie as well.

Julie Lawson Timmer sends the reader on an emotional journey. As with a lot of fiction, there are some far-stretched occurrences in Untethered, but as a whole I thought this book was a good read. She draws together what it means to be a family and in this case, a blended family. The characters work on issues in their relationships and the complexities of parenting. It is a very compelling story that had me in tears.

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