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Lady Killer | by Jamie S. Rich; illus. Joelle Jones

Lady Killer (Lady Killer, #1)

Lady Killer by Jamie S. Rich; illustrated by Joelle Jones
(Dark Horse Books, 2015, 138 pages)

Lady Killer is the story of Josie, a 1960s housewife who seems to have the perfect life taking care of her young daughter and preparing her husband’s dinner each night when he gets home from work. Josie’s mother-in-law becomes suspicious that she’s having an affair when she sees her meeting with a strange man on multiple occasions. Josie isn’t having an affair though—she’s a paid assassin! There is plenty of action and gore in this well-drawn graphic novel as she stabs and chokes her victims to death. When Josie’s employer becomes suspicious of her loyalty, she becomes the target. I highly recommend this book to fans of horror films and black comedies.


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