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Crazy for Love | by Victoria Dahl

Crazy For Love

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl
(HQN Books, 2010, 376 pages)

I’m a Victoria Dahl fan so I figured I’d pick up one of her books as a light read while traveling. If you’re a romance fan who appreciates a steamy read that also has some humor mixed in, you’ll enjoy reading Dahl’s work. This wasn’t necessarily my favorite of her romances, but it fit the bill for the type of “confectionary” read I was looking for.

Chloe is trying to recover from the public humiliation of discovering that her fiance had faked his own death to get out of having to marry her. She has now been branded a Bridezilla and is trying to avoid the paparazzi until she has to go to trial. Chloe’s best friend, Jenn, decides to take her to an island off the coast of Virginia where they can lay low and try to recover without the prying eyes of reporters and their cameras. It’s while they’re on this island that they happen to meet two handsome brothers, Max and Elliot.

There’s definitely chemistry between Max and Chloe. She likes that he doesn’t know about her past… and the fact that he’s a handsome man who literally dives for buried treasure for a living doesn’t hurt either. But Max has a compulsion to protect the people around him and the carefree demeanor he tries to convey to the world isn’t true to the anxiety he’s always feeling. Chloe sees this and it’s as if Max can finally own up to his true self.

Chloe’s past eventually catches up with her and Max is forced to come to grips with the fact that this “normal” girl he’s falling for is turning out to be the type he typically ends up with; a woman with drama who needs to be rescued. Will they be able to see their way back to each other? Or were they destined to just be a beach-side romance?

Like I said, this is a light read and since it’s a romance, you know it’s going to go in a specific direction. This wasn’t as good as Dahl’s other work, which I really enjoy, but it was an entertaining low-key read if that’s what you’re looking for.


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