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Commander in Chief | by Mark Greaney

Commander-in-Chief (Jack Ryan Universe, #20)

Commander in Chief by Mark Greaney
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2015, 718 pages)

Commander in Chief by Mark Greaney is another Jack Ryan novel. In this novel, Jack Ryan is still President of the United States. Ryan must again deal with Russian President, Valeri Volodin. The Russian economy is sputtering. Volodin is causing havoc on many fronts. It appears that Volodin wants to take over Lithuania which would give Russia access to the Baltic Sea.

As usual, there are many subplots. Russian President Volodin is trying to hide the money that he has taken from the Russian economy for his personal gain. The NATO nations refuse to act on Russian’s potential threat to NATO member, Lithuania. An Australian family is kidnapped.

As in the other Jack Ryan and Campus novels, Tom Clancy’s name is featured prominently on the cover of the book. Tom Clancy died in 2013, but the estate allowed Mark Greaney to continue using Clancy’s characters. The Tom Clancy name sells books so I guess the name will continue to be displayed for the foreseeable future.

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