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The Book Club | by Mary Alice Monroe

The Book Club

The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe
(Mira, 2003, 354 pages)

One of the book clubs I participate in chose this title for our June discussion. At first I was a little wary of the selection because it seemed like it might be a little dated, but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the book grew on me. The Book Club focuses on the lives of five women (Eve, Annie, Doris, Gabriella, and Midge) who meet regularly for their book club. They discuss that month’s selection and catch up on what’s been going on with everyone since the last time they met. Through the course of this book each woman deals with a life event that impacts them pretty significantly. As they work through things, the women all grow in their own ways and learn how much they value the relationships they have with one another.

If it weren’t for my book club I never would have given this book a chance. I’m glad I was exposed to Mary Alice Monroe – The Book Club reminded me how much I enjoy reading titles that are often classified as “Women’s Fiction” that really just focus on female relationships and how they enhance our lives.

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