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Archie, Vol. 1 | by Mark Waid

Archie, Vol. 1 by Mark Waid; illustrated by Fiona Staples
(Archie Comics, 2016, 176 pages)

I read Archie: Vol. 1 written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Fiona Staples. Waid wrote DC Comics’ Kingdom Come, and Staples draws the Saga series, so I had high expectations for Archie. I remember watching the Archie tv series as a kid and collecting the Archie jelly jars which became my orange juice glasses, but I had never read an Archie Comic.

Archie Vol. 1 collects the first 6 issues of the new series. The story features the same characters as in the past – Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty, and Veronica – but has been updated for modern times. Veronica has just started Riverdale High, and Archie, who is the one showing her around, soon becomes the one who is being ordered around [by Veronica]. He doesn’t mind though because, after recently breaking up with Betty, he is ready to move on. Betty and Jughead don’t like seeing their friend bossed around, so they devise a plan to get Veronica away from Archie. Reggie wants Veronica as his girlfriend (and all the power and wealth that come with her family), so he joins Betty and Jughead in the plan to lure her away from Archie.

The art is amazing, which is enough to pick this one up! If you are a young adult, or you are old and feel nostalgic about Archie Comics (like me), this one is for you.


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