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The Good German | by Joseph Kanon

The Good German

The Good German by Joseph Kanon
(Picador, 2006, 482 pages)

I was reading a review of Kanon’s new novel Leaving Berlin which referred to The Good German and made me want to read it. I had seen the movie but there really isn’t much similarity between the two. It was a great thriller with good historical detail about Berlin immediately following the end of World War II.

The bestselling author of Los Alamos returns to 1945. Hitler has been defeated, and Berlin is divided into zones of occupation. Jake Geismar, an American correspondent who spent time in the city before the war, has returned to write about the Allied triumph while pursuing a more personal quest: his search for Lena, the married woman he left behind. When an American soldier’s body is found in the Russian zone during the Potsdam Conference, Jake stumbles on the lead to a murder mystery. The Good German is a story of espionage and love, an extraordinary recreation of a city devastated by war, and a thriller that asks the most profound ethical questions in its exploration of the nature of justice, and what we mean by good and evil in times of peace and of war.” –


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