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The Private Eye | by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente


The Private Eye (Deluxe Edition) by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente
(Image, 2015, 300 pages)

This comic started out as an online serial – ironic for a story about a post-internet world. The Private Eye has a classic noir feel, but it is set in a futuristic world where the “cloud” has exploded and everyone’s personal information has been made public. As a result, people wear masks in public to hide their identities and PCs, tablets, and smart phones are all relics of the past.

I love the concept for this story, and the artwork really depicts the action of the plot. Brian Vaughan pushes the question of the value vs. the dangers of the internet in an imaginative direction. I really enjoyed this gritty mystery. If you’re interested in dystopian literature or science fiction, this is one to pick up. Also, look out for some major plugs of libraries and print culture.


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