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Tricky Twenty-Two | by Janet Evanovich

Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich
(Bantam Books, 2015, 292 pages)

Tricky Twenty-Two is the newest Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich. In this novel, Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, is trying to track down Ken “Gobbles” Globovic, a member of the worst fraternity on the fictional Kiltman College campus. Gobbles is accused of attacking a faculty member. Stephanie is also involved in finding the murderer of Doug Linken who was gunned down in his own yard.

While I continue to read the Stephanie Plum novels, some are better than others. In Tricky Twenty-Two, some of the facts don’t agree with information that we were given in Evanovich’s earlier Plum novels. The love triangle with Morelli, Ranger, and Stephanie is getting a little bit old. But Lulu, Stephanie’s sidekick, is still very funny. And in this novel, Stephanie’s mother shows us a new, more interesting side of herself.

I will continue to read the Stephanie Plum novels for a while longer because I do still find myself chuckling at some of the antics. Plus, the plot of Tricky Twenty-Two revolved around bioterrorism which was interesting. I just hope in the next novel, Stephanie is a little easier on her cars.


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