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Under Fire | by Grant Blackwood

Under Fire (Jack Ryan Jr., #6)

Under Fire by Grant Blackwood
(Putnam Adult, 2015, 505 pages)

Under Fire by Grant Blackwood is a Jack Ryan Jr. novel. Under Fire is another book written since Tom Clancy’s death which prominently displays Tom Clancy’s name on the cover and uses characters created by Tom Clancy. In this novel, Jack Ryan, Jr. is in Tehran researching the current financial climate. He meets with his childhood friend, Seth Gregory, and the adventure begins. The day after the meeting, Seth Gregory goes missing. Two men contact Jack to see what he knows about Seth’s disappearance.

Seth is helping to plan a coup in Dagestan. The current President is corrupt. A new leader, Medzhid, is ready to overthrow the President and take his place. Jack is recruited to help Seth and Medzhid and others make the coup a success.

Both Grant Blackwood and Mark Greaney are authorized to continue the Tom Clancy novels. Neither of the two authors can create the intricate plots or the rich characters that Tom Clancy created. In general, I do enjoy the continuations by Blackwood and Greaney. However, Under Fire seems to be the weakest of the post Tom Clancy novels.

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