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His Captive | by Diana Cosby

His Captive (MacGruders, #1)

His Captive by Diana Cosby
(Zebra, 2007, 315 pages)

His Captive by Diana Cosby is the first book in the MacGruder Brothers series. His Captive is a historical romance novel set in 1296. I don’t normally read historical romance, but I received this title as a free download from Barnes and Noble a few years ago. In His Captive, Lady Nichola Westcott is abducted from her brother’s English castle by a rival Scot named Alexander “Alex” MacGruder. Alex kidnaps Lady Nichola to hold her for ransom which will help fund the Scottish battles against the English. Little does Alex know that Lady Nichola is poor so there is no money for the ransom.

In the process of taking Lady Nichola to his brother’s castle in Scotland, Alex finds himself attracted to the feisty Lady Nichola. Lady Nichola is also attracted to Alex. Neither one is willing to admit that there is an attraction, but it becomes obvious to those around them. There is a surprise twist near the end of the book which allows Lady Nichola and Alex to resolve their relationship with each other.

There are a total of six books in the MacGruder Brothers series. The next book focuses on one of Alex’s other brothers. I have seen mixed reviews of His Captive and other the entire series. His Captive will probably be the only book that I read in this series.

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