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Late Edition | by Fern Michaels

Late Edition (The Godmothers, #3)

Late Edition by Fern Michaels
(Kensington, 2011, 288 pages)

This story is mostly about four middle-aged women who are the best of friends. They are house guests of Teresa “Toots” Loudenberry, a wealthy widow. The story seems like it is straight from the tabloids, perhaps that why it is titled Late Edition. Sophie, Ida, Mavis, and Toots have known each other since 7th grade and have developed a long lasting friendship. Thanks to Toots’ hospitality, they have come to live with her in her Los Angeles home after life-changing events. They travel with Toots to Charleston, SC for a little rest and relaxation. Sophie gathers her friends one evening to conduct a séance, which reveals mysterious messages leading them to believe someone murdered Ida’s deceased husband. The foursome set off on an adventure to uncover the murderer.

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