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The Glass Kitchen | by Linda Francis Lee

The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee
(St. Martin’s Press, 2014, 375 pages)

The Glass Kitchen is the story of a gal named Portia Cuthcart. Portia and her sisters were raised by their grandmother in Texas after the death of their parents. Her grandmother owned a restaurant called The Glass Kitchen and Portia helped her run it. Portia was always fascinated by the fact that her grandmother would always come up with a different and very elaborate menu every day and inevitably it would suit the needs of her customers. Her grandmother called this magical gift “the knowing” and as it turns out, the gift has been passed down to Portia.

Portia never intended to leave Texas or The Glass Kitchen, but after the death of her grandmother and a failed marriage she is led to New York to be closer to her sisters and to forget about cooking. As she is trying to put the pieces of her life back together and keep cooking out of it, “the knowing” is trying very hard to make its way back into her life.

Linda Francis Lee did a wonderful job with this story. It is sweet, magical, and quirky with lovable characters and so much sensational food! This would be a good choice for foodies who love a story about engaging romance, friendship, and power of family.


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