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Kingdom Keepers: The Return: Book 1: Disney Lands | by Ridley Pearson

Kingdom Keepers: The Return: Book 1: Disney Lands by Ridley Pearson
(Disney-Hyperion, 2015, 352 pages)

Disney Lands by Ridley Pearson is the first book in the new Kingdom Keepers: The Return series. The Kingdom Keepers are a group of five recent high school graduates who worked as holographs for the Disney Parks. In the final book of the original Kingdom Keeper series, the five friends defeat the Disney villains. However, Finn (the leader of the group) insists that their job is not done. There is one more mission to be accomplished. The Kingdom Keepers must find Walt’s pen and return it to its original location. Finn must convince the others to join him in this new adventure which involves time travel and learning something about the history of the Disney Parks.

The epilogue of the final book of the original seven book Kingdom Keepers series suggested that the Kingdom Keeper’s adventures were not over. The second book in this new series entitled Legacy of Secrets is due out April 2016. Since Disney Lands leaves the Kingdom Keepers in the midst of their adventure, I plan on reading the next book.

In this new series, Pearson keeps the tradition that he started in the last series. He has individuals contribute paragraphs to his books. In the last book, I found it distracting. In this book, it was not as noticeable. What I found more distracting in this book was the repetition of lines that I had already read on the previous page. The publisher needs to make a better effort at avoiding mistakes. Despite the printing errors, I enjoyed this book and am glad the Keepers are back.


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