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Tail Spin | by Catherine Coulter

Tail Spin (FBI Thriller, #12)

Tail Spin by Catherine Coulter
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2008, 403 pages)

Rachael Abbott is out driving when she witnesses a plane crash. She arrives at the crash site in time to save the wounded pilot who was transporting a renowned psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is suffering from a medical condition that causes him to spurt out revealing information about his patients, many of whom would kill him for his betrayal. Rachael tries to conceal her true identity from the pilot, not realizing he was FBI agent Jackson Crowne.

Set in a scenic Appalachian town, a place where Rachael grew up, the FBI find themselves without the modern conveniences of cell phones and forensic labs. Crowne knows there is more to her story than Rachel is letting on.

Coulter tells a riveting story, full of suspense and romance, as she reveals the true identity of the assassins.


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