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Intervention | by Robin Cook

Intervention (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery, #9)

Intervention by Robin Cook
(G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2009, 387 pages)

I enjoy Robin Cook’s medical investigation books. This one continues the story of New York City medical examiners Jack and Laurie Stapleton. Their infant son is diagnosed with a rare disease and Laurie is on extended maternity leave. Jack throws himself into his work so he doesn’t have to think about his son’s suffering and his guilt at leaving Laurie alone at home. Jack performs an autopsy on a healthy young woman who received alternative medical treatment. While Jack sets out to research and gather evidence to prove the young woman’s death is caused by alternative medicine, his college friend, an archaeologist, makes a discovery that could threaten the Catholic Church.

The controversial issues in this book made it interesting and it entertained me with medical details and religious history. However, I wish the author could focus on one story instead of two. Each makes sense on its own but it felt forced when the author tried to weave the two plots together.

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