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Molina | by Bengie Molina with Joan Ryan

Molina: The Story of the Father Who Raised an Unlikely Baseball Dynasty
by Bengie Molina with Joan Ryan
(Simon & Schuster, 2015, 259 pages)

I love the game of baseball and am a die-hard Cardinals fan so as soon as I saw the book Molina I knew it was a must-read for me. I was expecting to read a lot about baseball with a touch of Bengie Molina’s personal life. It was the complete opposite and I was wonderfully surprised.

It was enlightening to see Bengie not just as a World Series Champion (twice) and a Gold Glove winner (twice) but as a real human being. He goes into very vivid details of the triumphs and struggles he has endured in his personal life as well as in his baseball journey. Growing up in the Molina house meant that your life revolved around baseball. Bengie’s father, Pai, was a terrific athlete himself. As the boys (Bengie, Jose, and Yadier) grew older, Pai was their coach in little league and taught them everything he knew of the game. Along with teaching them the rules of the game, he taught them the rules of life which were all about love and respect. Bengie, Jose, and Yadier have taken these lessons to heart and they have led them to great accomplishments on and off the field.

Molina has a very close relationship with his parents, Pai and Mai, and his brothers, Jose and Yadier, whom he talks so highly of and tells some wonderful stories about. Reading this book you can see just how humble the Molina family is. The sacrifices made by Pai for his sons and the love, respect and support that they all show for each other is nothing short of inspiring. I think what amazed me the most was the fact that Bengie does not credit himself for any of his accomplishments but rather gives it all to Pai, Mai, Jose, and Yadier.

I highly recommend this book. You don’t have to know a lot about baseball to appreciate the compassion that this family shows towards one another and the desire to chase their lifelong dreams. Anyone who chooses to read this book will be touched.

Thank you to Bengie Molina for sharing such intimate details of your life with us so that we can come to know and love the three Molinas behind the mask! 🙂


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