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Point Your Face at This | by Demetri Martin

Point Your Face at This

Point Your Face at This: Drawings by Demetri Martin
(Grand Central Publishing, 2013, 288 pages)

Demetri Martin got popular a few years back for a style of standup that was a quirky blend of jokes, musical comedy, and, yes, drawings. Reading Point Your Face at This is like getting a look at Martin’s notebook before a show. The book is a collection of visual jokes drawn in a minimalist style. Some of these drawings tell a (concise) story, some are more like brain teasers, some reflect existential anxiety, and many are just plain silly.

Martin’s humor is very much joke-based, and these drawings deliver the jokes well. As a standup, his style is reserved, dry, and non-emotive, which matches the simplicity of his drawings. I got a few hard laughs from the book, particularly from the drawings that had a narrative quality to them. Others are clever enough to be impressive, if not always hilarious. You can breeze through the book in an hour or less, and it’s especially entertaining as a shared laugh.


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