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The New Christian Year | edited by Charles Williams


The New Christian Year edited by Charles Williams
(Oxford University Press, 1941, 281 pages)

This is a collection of short readings from theologians and spiritual writers that spans the history of the Christian faith. They correlate with the liturgical calendar and include special readings for saint’s days. Charles Williams was a remarkable editor, as well as a novelist, poet, literary critic, and theologian. In his position at Oxford University Press, he was instrumental in bringing Kierkegaard’s works into English translation for the first time. Kierkegaard is heavily featured in this collection, as are the Desert Fathers, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John Donne, and more contemporary (at the time) sources like Karl Barth, and the Church of England’s Commission on Christian Doctrine. The readings were chosen for their literary quality as well as their theological depth. This is a fascinating resource for those interested in the theological influences on Williams and the Inklings.


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