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The Moonspinners . Nine Coaches Waiting . The Ivy Tree . Madam, Will You Talk? | by Mary Stewart

The Moonspinners

The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart
(HarperTorch, 2003, 388 pages)

Nine Coaches Waiting

Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart
(HarperTorch, 2001, 391 pages)

The Ivy Tree

The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart
(HarperTorch, 2001, 400 pages)

Madam Will You Talk

Madam, Will You Talk? by Mary Stewart
(HarperTorch, 2003, 360 pages)

I read this blog post about Mary Stewart and thought “this sounds exactly like the books I used to find when I was growing up and combing the shelves of my small local library!”

Written in the late 50’s and early 60’s, Mary Stewart is like an Agatha Christie meets a gothic Nancy Drew with a little travel novel thrown in. All of these titles stars a young (20’s) beautiful girl caught up in a mystery and of course there is a man involved. I’ve loved every one of them but the best is Madam, Will You Talk?

The Moonspinners:
“When beautiful Nicola Ferris chose the remote island of Crete for her vacation, all she desired was to experience the ancient and brooding land on her own. But one day her impulse led her on a little-used path into the foreboding White Mountains. And there she found a man in hiding — for reasons he could not explain. Warned to stay away, Nicola was unable to obey. And before she realized what she had uncovered, she found herself thrust into the midst of an alarming plot in which she would become the prey…”
– book jacket

Nine Coaches Waiting:
“A governess in a French château encounters an apparent plot against her young charge’s life in this unforgettably haunting and beautifully written suspense novel.”

The Ivy Tree:
“A trick of coloring…Her walk…The way she smiled. If Mary Grey looked so much like the missing heiress, why should she not be an heiress? To the lonely young woman living in a dreary furnished room, faced with an uncertain future, the impersonation offered intriguing possibilities. And so plain Mary Grey became the glamorous Annabel Winslow. But she did not live happily ever after. In fact, she almost did not live at all. Because someone wanted Annabel missing… permanently.”
– book jacket

Madam, Will You Talk?:
“Charity Selborne, a lovely war widow, and her irreverent artist friend, Louise Cray, arrive in the South of France expecting a conventional holiday. The vistas of Provence delight them, and Charity soon meets David, a young man of 13 who is having trouble with his dog. He introduces himself and Charity is charmed—until she senses a terrible maturity behind his grave eyes and shortly hears the rumors about his father.”

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