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Reading Magic | by Mem Fox

Reading Magic

Reading Magic by Mem Fox
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008, 208 pages)

As a new mom I’ve wanted to make sure I raise my daughter to (hopefully) be a reader. For this reason I’ve been researching books on literacy and reading to children so I have an idea of how best to introduce my daughter to the amazing world of books and reading. Mem Fox is a well-known children’s book author. I’m not sure where I learned about her adult books on literacy and children, but I’m glad that I did.

In Reading Magic Fox explains the many benefits of reading out loud to your child. She highlights what to look for in books to make sure you keep your child’s interest and encourage them to love language. She also points out the three secrets of reading: the magic of print, the magic of language, and the magic of general knowledge. You want to put all three of these “secrets” together to successfully approach reading in a positive way with your little one.

Fox writes accessibly and regularly emphasizes the key points of reading aloud. She also provides great examples and really just makes you eager to go read with your child. A lot of the book will most likely seem like common sense, but one of the key things Fox talks about is that you can always find the time to read a book with your child. It will be beneficial to you and them.

One thought on “Reading Magic | by Mem Fox

  1. This is inspiring! My niece loved being read to every night when she was younger. Even now that she is older, I still enjoy reading things to her. Mostly we read together though.

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