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The Girl on the Train | by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
(Riverhead Books, 2015, 323 pages)

I’m always a little wary about picking up a book that has been getting a lot of press, but I was curious to see if The Girl on the Train lived up to the hype. Told from three different points of view, the book’s main character is Rachel. Rachel rides the train to and from work every day and there’s a certain point during her commute where the train stops and she is able to see a certain couple interacting in their home. She enjoys watching them and makes up her own version of their lives in her head. One day Rachel sees something at their home that doesn’t live up to her imaginary expectations and from that point on she finds a way to get involved in their lives. Unfortunately, Rachel isn’t the most reliable individual. She has something of an alcohol problem and is battling some relationship demons that color the way she views the world.

The Girl on the Train does a really good job keeping the reader guessing about what’s really going on in the story. While I didn’t necessarily find the book as amazing as it was built up to be, it was entertaining and I can see the appeal. It’s a great summer read. If you’re a fan of books like Gone Girl or are just looking for a book that can hold your interest, The Girl on the Train would be an entertaining read for you.


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