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From Cover to Cover | by Kathleen T. Horning

From Cover to Cover

From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children’s Books
by Kathleen T. Horning
(Collins, 2010, 229 pages)

As a new mom I’ve been all about building up my daughter’s library. With that in mind I’ve made it a priority to learn a little more about what makes for good children’s literature. From Cover to Cover focuses on what you should look for when evaluating and reviewing children’s books. Horning does a great job deconstructing the various types of literature. She explains what you should look for in each format and why it’s important while also providing examples from titles she thinks best demonstrate her point.

This book is a great introduction for people interested in learning how to evaluate children’s books. If you’re interested in writing book reviews Horning provides the foundational elements and gives tips on how a review should read. I have a better understanding of what elements I want to see in books along with a great list of titles compliments of Horning’s source compilation at the end of the book. From Cover to Cover is definitely worth your time if you’re a new children’s librarian, but it’s also beneficial to new parents who take an active interest in what their children are reading.

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