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Lazarus Vol. 3: Conclave | by Greg Rucka

Lazarus Vol 3 Conclave

Lazarus Vol. 3: Conclave by Greg Rucka; illustrated by Michael Lark
(Image Comics, 2015, 144 pages)

This third volume in the Lazarus graphic novel series brings more families and characters to the plot. Forever Carlyle is the Lazarus, or protector, of the Carlyle family. As she carries out the orders of her father, she questions whether she is a blood member of this powerful family. But she is loyal and determined to do whatever her father asks, including kill her brother Jonah, who has betrayed the family. In this volume, the sixteen ruling families and their Lazari come together to solve a dispute between the Carlyle and Hock families which involves Carlyle brother, Jonah. The book ends in a cliffhanger–the possible death of a major character–so I’m looking forward to volume 4 (and trying to avoid reading individual issues until it comes out)! As with the other volumes, the story by Greg Rucka is gripping, and the artwork by Michael Lark, beautiful.

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