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Evil Librarian | by Michelle Knudsen

Evil Librarian

Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen
(Candlewick Press, 2014, 346 pages)

There’s a new librarian at Cynthia and Annie’s high school, and he’s super good-looking. When Annie starts to fall for Mr. Gabriel, Cynthia senses that something isn’t right about this librarian. And she’s right—he’s a demon. While Cynthia deals with her best friend becoming more and more strange and aloof as she spends time with Mr. Gabriel, she is also working hard leading the tech team for the school’s musical, Sweeney Todd, about a demon barber who kills his clients with a sharp razor as they wait for a close shave. With the assistance of Ryan, Cynthia’s long-time crush who’s playing Sweeney in the musical, Cynthia has to find a way to get Annie out of the grasp of the evil Mr. Gabriel, who has already likely killed a couple of teachers who got in his way.

The audio version of this young adult novel kept me on the edge of my seat (literally) and looking forward to the next time I was in the car to listen to it. It was a nice combination of horror, humor, and all the normal things teenagers experience with their teachers and friends (well, maybe not totally normal). Other reviewers have compared it to the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I’ll have to check out next.


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