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U is for Undertow | by Sue Grafton

U is for Undertow

U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton
(Putnam, 2009, 403 pages)

Grafton tells a story about female detective Kinsey Millhone who has been hired to uncover a possible murder of a young girl twenty-one years ago. Michael Sutton recalls a sketchy story about two men burying a kid-sized bundle behind the home of one of his childhood friends. Unbeknownst to Kinsey, Michael has told fictitious tales before and has been found to be an unbelievable witness. Kinsey believes something about Michael’s story has credibility and takes on his case. Grafton uses flashbacks to move the story between the sixties and the eighties. Kinsey discovers there are others involved in the case as murders from the past and the present tie things together.


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