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The Quick | by Lauren Owen

The Quick

The Quick by Lauren Owen
(Random House, 2014, 544 pages)

I heard about this book from a podcast I recently started listening to called Books on the Nightstand. At the end of each episode book recommendations are given and this was a title I’d just recently heard highlighted when I was on the search for my next eBook so I went for it without so much as reading a book summary. The recommendation given on the podcast was pretty vague, but I found out as I was reading that it was for a good reason so I’ll do what I can to offer up a summary here without giving anything away…

The novel is set in late 19th century England and we are introduced to brother and sister, James and Charlotte. The siblings take different paths to adulthood – James is sent away to school and tries to make a go of it as an author in London; Charlotte stays in the countryside taking care of her aunt and living vicariously through her brother. Then James goes off the grid and Charlotte heads to London to try and figure out what is going on with him. Charlotte’s search for James leads to her getting wrapped up in a dangerous secret society and finding herself immersed in a world she never knew existed.

All I’ll say is that I was not expecting this book to go in the direction it did and I almost found it off-putting, but I kept going and enjoyed the ride. It was entertaining and even though it was a long book, it didn’t feel that way at all. If you feel like giving it a try the Amazon summary offers up a little more information – or you can go in blind like I did (an approach to books I’m not sure I’ll try again) 😉

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