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The March of the Crabs | by Arthur De Pins

The March of the Crabs

The March of the Crabs by Arthur De Pins
(Archaia, 2015, 112 pages)

March of the Crabs is a graphic novel about the plight of the Cancer Simplicimus Vulgaris, a crab that can only travel in a straight line, never changing direction. Because of this they can’t form relationships with one another, and, therefore, don’t have names. Their enemies are the much larger brown crabs and, of course, humans, who like to pick them up and pull off their claws. Other characters include a filmmaker and his cameraman who are filming a documentary about the crabs. The art is really good, but the story is just ok. Three of the crabs do, in the end, find an inventive solution to their movement issue (and give each other names). This is volume one, so hopefully there will be more to come about the fate of the crabs.

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