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A Was Once an Apple Pie | adapted by Suse MacDonald — Dr. Seuss’s ABC | by Dr. Seuss

A Was Once an Apple Pie

A Was Once an Apple Pie by Edward Lear; adapted by Suse MacDonald
(Orchard Books, 2005, 32 pages)

My daughter and I were able to get some quality reading time in this week while she was home sick. We went with an alphabet theme, starting with A Was Once an Apple Pie. This alphabet poem by Edward Lear was adapted by illustrator Suse MacDonald. The bright pictures provide a nice accompaniment to the rhyming, sing-songy poem written by Lear – a man known for his literary playfulness. This was fun to read aloud, especially once I got the right cadence 😉

Dr. Seuss's ABC

Dr. Seuss’s ABC by Dr. Seuss
(Random House Books for Young Readers, 1991, 63 pages)

I remember reading this classic when I was younger and I loved it then. It made sense to finish up our alphabet storytime with Dr. Seuss. The setup of the book is perfect for building anticipation in the form of repetition. Almost every introduction to a letter begins the same way, “Big A, little a, what begins with A?” and everything about the wording and the illustrations stands out. I could feel this more strongly since I associate the book with my own childhood, but I don’t think so 🙂

Dr. Seuss’s ABC will undoubtedly have a steady rotation in our household. A classic book that lends itself to a vibrant, punchy, and interactive reading experience.

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