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It’s Kind of a Funny Story | by Ned Vizzini

It's Kind of a Funny Story

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
(Miramax Books/Hyperion Books for Children, 2006, 444 pages)

This was the final title up for discussion in SCC’s Between the Covers book club. Our main character is Craig – a 15 year old who is battling depression. He tries to manage things as best he can but he has issues sleeping, eating, and basically making it through the day. Things get so bad he decides he wants to commit suicide. That’s when he finds himself checking in to a hospital and spending some time in an adult psychiatric ward.

This book takes a very serious issue and makes it accessible for young adults. It’s based on the personal experience of the author which helps you appreciate the story on a different level and understand some of the logic behind writing the book in the first place. This wasn’t necessarily a book I loved, but I can understand the appeal and I’m glad I had the opportunity to pick it up.

I can’t wait for Book Club to pick back up in August 2015!

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