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The Butterfly Mosque | by G. Willow Wilson

The Butterfly Mosque

The Butterfly Mosque: A Young Woman’s Journey to Love and Islam
by G. Willow Wilson
(Atlantic Monthly Press, 2010, 304 pages)

Willow tells about her life as a young woman just out of college who travels to Egypt and falls in love with its culture and the religion of Islam. The book describes Willow’s development and travels. She was reared in Colorado by atheist parents, then attended Boston University where she enrolled in an Islamic Studies course that helped her explore her spirituality. Immediately after graduating, she travelled to Egypt with one of her friends to teach English and learn more about the culture. She vividly describes her experiences in Cairo, falling in love with her husband Omar, and her travels throughout Egypt and Iran. Willow, short for Gwendolyn, is a good writer and helps the reader learn about the differences and similarities between the American and Islamic cultures.


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