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Learning to Swim | by Sara J. Henry

Learning to Swim

Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry
(Crown, 2011, 304 pages)

Troy Chance is looking out over the water as she travels on a Vermont ferry when she witnesses a child being thrown into the water from a passing ferry. Instinct forces her to take the plunge. She rescues the child from this near death experience only to find that he doesn’t speak English. He is so small and innocent looking, and all she wants to do is protect him from whomever his captors were.

Troy was on the ferry by chance, but now she is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Paul, the child. She works as a freelance writer for sports magazines and some local newspapers in Vermont, but after this incident she has decided to put on her detective hat to solve a Canadian mystery. In time she is able to communicate with the boy in French and he reveals the name of his parents. Her attachment to Paul—and the danger she faces when she tries to unravel the mystery of his abandonment—causes Troy to reexamine herself to decide who she can trust and love. The author tells a riveting tale, full of twists and turns.

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