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A Wedding in Provence | by Ellen Sussman

A Wedding in Provence

A Wedding in Provence by Ellen Sussman
(Ballantine Books, 2014, 288 pages)

I’ve been looking for quicker, more light-hearted reads since I don’t have as much quality free time on my hands (having a baby really changes things). A Wedding in Provence sounded like it would fit into those parameters. While definitely a light, quick read I felt pretty meh about it the whole time. I wasn’t invested in the characters and felt like I was just reading to get through it.

Olivia and Brody have traveled to Provence to get married. Olivia’s best friend, Emily, has a small inn in the city and has offered it up for the big day. Both Olivia and Brody were married before and after heartbreak they managed to find one another. The wedding will be a small affair with both Olivia’s daughters in attendance, along with Brody’s mother, his best friend, and Emily and her husband.

As the wedding festivities begin the focus shifts to issues going on with the various members of this wedding party. Sussman touches on everything from infidelity to relationship and job dissatisfaction. It gets increasingly difficult for Olivia to stay upbeat as the wedding day looms closer. Can the love between her and Brody remind everyone of what’s important and why they’re all there?

If you want a light read that could perhaps best be classified as “chick lit” you might consider picking this up. In my opinion there are better options out there, though.

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