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The Syndrome | by Ridley Pearson


The Syndrome by Ridley Pearson
(Disney-Hyperion, 2015, 304 pages)

The Syndrome by Ridley Pearson with Brooke Muschott (as Jess) and Elizabeth Hagenlocher (as Mattie) is a new Kingdom Keepers adventure. The Kingdom Keepers is a series of seven books written by Ridley Pearson involving five teenagers who serve as holograms on the Disney properties. In book seven in the series, the five teens known as the Kingdom Keepers saved Disneyland from the Disney villains. In this new adventure, all five Kingdom Keepers are stuck in Sleeping Beauty Syndrome (SBS). SBS means that the teens bodies appear to be sleeping, but their holograms are separated from their bodies and must be returned for the teens to wake up. Three friends of the Kingdom Keepers, Amanda, Jess, and Mattie, must try to locate the holograms and return them to their sleeping bodies.

The three friends of the Kingdom Keepers all have special powers. Amanda is telekinetic. Jess has dreams which provide clues to the future. Mattie can read minds. All of these powers will be needed to save the Keepers.

The Syndrome is interesting and appears to be an introduction to the new Kingdom Keeper series. However, the novel was not well edited. There were words missing or in the wrong order. I found the mistakes disappointing. However, I am looking forward to reading the next Kingdom Keeper novel, The Return: Disney Lands.

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