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Dust | by Patricia Cornwell


Dust by Patricia Cornwell
(G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2013, 495 pages)

A body is found in the early hours of a cold December morning at an athletic field on MIT’s campus. Dr. Scarpetta, the chief medical examiner for the Boston area, is called to the scene. The body is wrapped in an off-white fabric with an unusual texture. There is undefined fine dust all over the body. Dr. Scarpetta notices the body’s posture resembles the victims of the Capital Murderer case her FBI husband Benton is currently working on. Has the killer moved from DC to Boston? Dr. Scarpetta finds the killer’s DNA from the victim’s body. The DNA presumably belongs to a missing murder suspect from 17 years ago. The story gets complicated when Dr. Scarpetta’s niece Lucy is implicated in the case. Lucy’s cell number was discovered on the log list of the victim’s cell phone. Benton is suspicious of his FBI boss’s involvement of both cases. Continually there is tension between Dr. Scarpetta and her old partner the grumpy detective Marino. Only this time Marino is working for the Cambridge Police Department instead of the medical examiner’s office. The story has enough twists and turns to keep me engaged.

I feel that the author could’ve spent less time on the dramas between the characters and more time on the story. It’s a good read, not great.

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