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Baillie Scott: The Artistic House | by Diane Haigh


Baillie Scott: The Artistic House by Diane Haigh
(Academy Press, 1995, 128 pages)

This book includes some good photographs of Baillie Scott’s Arts and Crafts houses. However, it was published in 1995, before some of these homes underwent significant restoration projects. The best part of the book is the diverse collection of essays. They cover biographical elements of Baillie Scott’s life, the history of particular homes that he designed, and in depth discussions of the various design techniques and materials that he used. One of the most interesting portions is a reprinted essay by John Betjeman, former Poet Laureate of England. It is a “personal reminiscence” of the young poet’s relationship with the architect. Also of interest is a section of “Advice for Baillie Scott House-Owners,” which counsels owners on the best ways to repair, improve, and add-on to these homes while maintaining their original integrity. The fact that many have since been restored, and some opened up to the public, is testament to value of the book, particularly at the time of its original publication.


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