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Support and Defend | by Tom Clancy


Support and Defend by Tom Clancy
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2014, 512 pages)

I picked up this book on a whim at my public library. I thought I would try Tom Clancy for the first time. A friend pointed out that Clancy died in 2013. Mark Greaney is the author, and he continues the franchise and uses the characters that Clancy created.

The story begins with Dominic Caruso, an U.S. secret agent belonging to The Campus operator group, being trained by a former Israeli special forces officer. A group of terrorists storms into the home of Caruso’s mentor in the middle of the night and kills the mentor and his family. Caruso comes back to the U. S. and seeks revenge for the murder of his friends. Another story line is the theft of top-secret CIA files by someone inside the National Security Council. FBI’s investigation points to Ethan Ross, a high level official within the department. Ross escapes the U.S. and threatens to leak more top-secret information to the media. I can’t help but think about the Edward Snowden case. Caruso’s inquiry of the leaking of his mentor’s information also leads him to Ross. Caruso is forbidden to pursue Ross by the FBI and CIA, but he does it anyway. The story takes us from India, to America, Panama, Switzerland, and Italy. It’s a page turner and full of action. The ending is a bit far-fetched. A great read overall.


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