Fiction · Stephanie T · Suspense

The Panther | by Nelson DeMille


The Panther by Nelson DeMille
(Grand Central, 2012, 629 pages)

John Corey of the New York Police Anti-Terrorist Taskforce and his wife Kate, an FBI agent, serve as bait to lore an Al Qaeda terrorist out into the open. They travel to Yemen to capture the Panther, a dangerous Middle East terrorist; however, they are not aware of all the pieces to this mission, nor are they aware of all the players. Kate is excited about this top secret mission, but John is skeptical. He visited Yemen previously and does not look forward to returning to a country where corruption and espionage lurked behind every corner. Convinced by his young wife, he accompanies her to Yemen where the plot thickens. Even the CIA agent that they are teamed up with causes John to worry. This tale is truly filled with breathtaking twists and turns. If you are up for suspense, then DeMille is an author you will enjoy.


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