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Here | by Richard McGuire


Here by Richard McGuire
(Pantheon, 2014, 304 pages)

Here by Richard McGuire is a full-color graphic novel that shows one room and the events that have happened there over hundreds of thousands of years. Many things change in the room over time, including wallpaper and décor, fashion, and electronics (old time radio to flat screen tv). The pages are not in chronological order, and each page shows several time periods represented by boxes of different colors. One page shows how Halloween costumes have changed over time. Another page shows a time before the room existed (10,000 B.C.) with a giant bison lying on the ground where the house would eventually be built. There is very little dialogue, but one of my favorite pages shows the names people have called each other over the years, including “nerd” (1950), “square” (1957), “dirtbag” (1967), “wacko” (1977), and “geek” (1984). This is a very interesting book that anyone would find fascinating. I highly recommend it.


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