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On the Run | by Lorena McCourtney

On the Run by Lorena McCourtney
(Revell, 2006, 320 pages)

On the Run by Lorena McCourtney is the third novel in the Ivy Malone Mystery series. In On the Run, little old lady, Ivy Malone, is travelling in a motor home trying to stay ahead of the Braxtons, a family who has vowed to find and kill her for ruining the life of their brother. In this book, Ivy meets Abilene, an abused, runaway wife. Ivy and Abilene decide to try to make a little money before moving on. They head out to a nearby ranch to see if there are any caretaker jobs available. When they arrive at the ranch, they find thirsty emus, paintball guns, and two dead bodies sitting on the couch in their lodge home.

The two dead bodies turn out to be the homeowners. They are a former Hollywood power couple who have converted to survivalists. The deaths are made to look like a murder-suicide, but Ivy and Abilene have their doubts. They think it might be murder and set out to prove it.

I enjoy reading about the adventures of Ivy Malone. She is not your typical sleuth. Ivy is a spunky, little old lady with a sense humor and adventure, Christian values, and a “can do” attitude. On the Run was a good book to read on a rainy, Sunday afternoon.

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