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Lone Wolf | by Jodi Picoult

 Lone Wolf:  by Jodi Picoult
(Emily Bestler Books, 2012, 448 pages)

Cara’s family spilt apart and went their separate ways years ago. Her parents divorced after her older brother, Edward, ran away in the middle of the night years ago. Since then her mom has remarried and has twins to take care of and her father is still devoted to his wolves. So when Cara and her father get into a serious car accident, it’s strange to see her family together again and trying to work through their differences. While Cara escaped the car accident with a shoulder injury but their father has a serious head injury and unable to make his own medical decisions. With a looming decision ahead, Cara and Edward both believe they know what their father’s wishes would be and both are willing to do anything to fulfill them.


I always enjoy Jodi Picoult’s books. If I’m ever looking for something that I know will be easy to read but will quickly grab my attention, then I find one of Picoult’s books that I haven’t read before. I’ve recently enjoyed her style change up of moving away from court cases that usually center the last half of her novels so it was strange to move back to her old styling. I could tell she wasn’t fully invested in the court case though as she was focusing more on the emotion and relationships between the characters and glazed over the proceedings of the case. As always, the research she does to make the content authentic is impeccable as this book she covered the behavior of wolves.

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