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Winter Street | By Elin Hilderbrand


Winter Street By: Elin Hilderbrand
(Little, Brown and Company, 2014, 256 pages)

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone at the Winter Street Inn is ready until drama descends on every member of the Quinn family. Kelley, the patriarch, walks in on his second wife, Mitzi, having an affair with their Santa Claus, George. While Kelley’s three children from his first marriage are all having troubles in their personal lives. Patrick had to confess to his wife that he might be in some serious legal trouble. Kevin has started seeing the inn’s housekeeper, Isabelle, and soon they will longer be able to keep it a secret. And Ava was hoping for a Christmas proposal from her boyfriend, Nathaniel, but instead he left Nantucket without even saying goodbye. On top of everything, everyone is worried about Bart, the only child between Kelley and Mitzi, who is in Afghanistan for Christmas and when Margaret, Kelly’s first wife, receives troubling news, she throws herself into the drama at Nantucket.

This was a light, holiday story that I listened to in the car. There was a lot of family drama going on that you knew would be resolved by Christmas night, except for one story line that was left severely unfinished. I’m guessing we’ll be hearing from the Quinn family in another installment because it is unusual for Hilderbrand to leave her characters with such unfinished stories. Overall this story was nothing too serious but a good filler to listen to over the holidays.

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