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Us | By David Nicholls


Us By: David Nicholls
(Hodder & Stoughton, 2014, 400 pages)

Douglas and Connie’s son is about to leave home to go to college. Douglas was looking forward to this time that him and Connie would have together until his wife wakes him up in the middle of the night to announce she’s leaving him. Desperate to make her stay, he agrees to continue their “Grand Tour” of England with their son, Albie, so Douglas has a chance to win her back and make amends with Albie after years of a strained relationship between the two. While touring with his family, Douglas reflects back on his years with Connie and how they’ve gotten to this point in their relationship.

This was just an OK read for me. David is a peculiar character as he is very set in his ways and doesn’t seem to understand his family at all. And it’s sweet how he tries to win his family back during their vacation. But it’s obvious early on that he is just a very different person from his wife and son and maybe that’s why the read felt so drawn out. That or maybe all the descriptions of the different museums and art galleries that they visited which seemed to only slow down the story.

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