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American on Purpose | by Craig Ferguson

American on Purpose

American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot by Craig Ferguson
(Harper, 2009, 268 pages)

Craig Ferguson is a comedian, actor and a talk show host. I enjoyed his sense of humor, but I’ve only watched him a few times. His Late Late Show is very much past my bedtime. This memoir exceeded my expectations. Ferguson was born and raised in a working class neighborhood in Glasgow Scotland. He chronicles his journey from dropping out of high school to becoming a top entertainer in the United States. Even though he stopped going to school at sixteen, he was a voracious reader. His love for literature laid the basis for his later success in writing a novel and three movies. What surprised me was his bravery and honesty in sharing his difficult battles with alcoholism and drug addictions. The book is compelling, truthful and funny. It’s a cut above the average celebrity memoir.


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